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Fig. 4

From: Genomic characterization of plant cell wall degrading enzymes and in silico analysis of xylanses and polygalacturonases of Fusarium virguliforme

Fig. 4

Expression comparison of FvXyn11B and FvPG2 in vitro and in planta. RNA of both conditions was extracted after 5 days post inoculation, from soybean dextrose broth and from soybean roots, respectively. a In vitro expression was indicated by counts per million (cpm) from a RNA-Seq data [38]. Asterisk indicated genes with raw counts below 1 cpm. b In planta expression indicated by log10(–ΔΔCt). Unlike in vitro condition, the expression of FvXyn11B increased and was significantly higher the FvXyn11A. The expression of FvPG2 was also increased to a level similar to FvPG1

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