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Figure 4

From: LM14 defined medium enables continuous growth of Trypanosoma cruzi

Figure 4

Parasite morphology during metacyclogenesis in defined (LM14, LM14B) and complex (LITB + FBS) media. Cells were panoptic stained (Laborclin, Pinhais, Parana, BR). Images are related to epimastigotes after three days of cultivation (3D EPI), five days of cultivation (5D EPI), parasites in TAU medium for nutritional stress (STRESS) and metacyclic trypomastigotes after in vitro metacyclogenesis (META). The upper panel shows parasites from defined medium LM14, where spontaneous metacyclic trypomastigotes are observed in the early stationary growth (5D EPI and STRESS). The middle panel shows parasites from the defined medium LM14B in different stages of differentiation. The lower panel shows parasites from LITB+FBS medium (complex medium). Metacyclic trypomastigotes are indicated with an asterisk. Size bar indicates 10 μm.

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