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Figure 3

From: Proteomics of Porphyromonas gingivalis within a model oral microbial community

Figure 3

Genomic representation of the P. gingivalis proteome, showing changes in relative abundance for the P. gingivalis - F. nucleatum - S. gordonii / P. gingivalis comparison by spectral counting. Each dot represents a PGN ORF number in the order followed by the ATCC 33277 strain annotation. Color codes: red, over-expression in the P. gingivalis-F. nucleatum-S. gordonii community relative to P. gingivalis alone; green, under-expression in the community relative to P. gingivalis alone; yellow, protein was detected qualitatively, but did not change in abundance; gray, proteins that were qualitative non-detects; gaps indicate ORFs that were not common to both the ATCC 33277 and W83 annotations according to a master cross-reference compiled by LANL (G. Xie, personal communication).

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