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Fig. 1

From: Origins and global context of Brucella abortus in Italy

Fig. 1

Maximum parsimony tree for Brucella abortus, with genomes from Italian isolates highlighted in red. Bootstrap support values were 100 for all major branches, with only the shallowest clades having less support (data not shown). Numbered branches indicate the number of SNPs identified for the clade (left most) and subclade (right most) level groupings for the West Italia (top), Trans Italia (middle) and East Italia (bottom) subclades. Samples are identified by the strain name and where known, the biovar (bv) number, animal source, country of origin (3 letter ISO codes), and year of isolation. Top most clade containing biovars 1, 2, 4 is compressed in larger tree to fit into image, true branch lengths are represented in smaller figure in gray box

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