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Figure 1

From: Competition between Burkholderia pseudomallei and B. thailandensis

Figure 1

Growth inhibition of B. thailandensis Bt6 by B. pseudomallei 1710a on LB agar at 37°C. (A) B. thailandensis Bt6 (target) and B. pseudomallei 1710a (inhibitor) cells were mixed at different inhibitor to target cell ratios and viable counts were measured at 0 h and 24 h. (B) Time Course. Viable cell counts were determined at the indicated times using an inhibitor to target ratio of 1000:1 (C) Growth competition analysis of B. thailandensis Bt6 with six B. pseudomallei isolates was carried out at inhibitor to target cell ratios of 1000:1 at 0 h and 24 h. A control growth competition was carried out between B. thailandensis Bt6 and B. thailandensis E264.

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