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Figure 3

From: Exploring early steps in biofilm formation: set-up of an experimental system for molecular studies

Figure 3

Sessile CFU over time in adsorption mode (GW). The LB or SM cultures were inoculated at 107 (A) or 109 (B) CFU/mL. One g of GW was inoculated with 5 mL and sessile cells were quantified over time (see Methods section). Each point is the mean × SD of biological triplicates. A non-linear time scale was chosen and dotted lines were drawn between experimental points for the sake of clarity. (C) Attachment and biofilm development on GW fibers in LB inoculated at 107°CFU/mL. Before observation, GW was washed as mentioned in methods section. Pictures are Z-stack of 20 μm depth images obtained by confocal microscopy. Attached bacteria were isolated cells at 1 h and 3 h, whereas they formed microcolonies as of 6 h incubation.

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