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Figure 4

From: Cell death and ultrastructural alterations in Leishmania amazonensis caused by new compound 4-Nitrobenzaldehyde thiosemicarbazone derived from S-limonene

Figure 4

Ultrathin sections of Leishmania amazonensis promastigotes without treatment that presented a normal ultrastructure (A) and promastigotes treated with BZTS at concentrations that corresponded to the IC 50 (B-D) and IC 90 (E, G). White arrows indicate swollen mitochondria. Black arrows represent lipid-storage bodies. White arrowheads indicate the presence of vesicles inside the flagellar pocket. The star indicates the presence of concentric membranous structures. n, nucleus; m, mitochondrion; k, kinetoplast; f, flagellum; fp, flagellar pocket. Scale bar = 1 μm.

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