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Figure 1

From: Promoter analysis of macrophage- and tick cell-specific differentially expressed Ehrlichia chaffeensis p28-Omp genes

Figure 1

Primer extension (PE) analysis of p28-Omp genes 14 and 19. Panel A has a cartoon spanning all 22 genes [37]. This panel also has an expansion of cartoons for genes 14 and 19 with predicted transcripts, the primers used for the PE analysis and sequences of the primer extended products with transcription start sites identified with asterisks. PE analysis products resolved on a sequencing gel are shown in panel B. Blots on the left and right represent the data for transcripts of genes 14 and 19, respectively. A sequence ladder for the gene 14 analysis was prepared by using the same primer used for the PE analysis but with a DNA template spanning the gene 14 sequence. For gene 19, PE analysis was performed with RRG 44 primer, and the sequencing ladder was generated by using RRG20-PEXT primer with a gene 19 DNA template. (Lane 1, E. chaffeensis RNA from tick cells; lane 2, E. chaffeensis RNA from macrophages).

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