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Figure 4

From: Pleiotropic effects of the twin-arginine translocation system on biofilm formation, colonization, and virulence in Vibrio cholerae

Figure 4

Phenotypes of the tatABC mutant N169-dtatABC. A, Electron micrograph of the wild type strain N16961 (×2400); B, Electron micrograph of the mutant N169-dtatABC (×2800); C, the motility of N169-dtatABC in 0.25% LBA, 37°C, 12 h; D, the motility of N16961 in 0.25% LBA, 37°C, 12 h; E and F, Smooth colonies of the wild type strain (E) and rugose colonies of the mutant N169-dtatABC (F) in LBA after 16 days in room temperature. The magnified inset images show the single colonies.

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