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Table 1 Ecological, epidemiological and clinical characteristics of diseases associated with different members of the R. conorii complex

From: Proposal to create subspecies of Rickettsia conorii based on multi-locus sequence typing and an emended description of Rickettsia conorii

Rickettsia Vector tick Geographic repartition Human disease name Fever (%) Inoculation eschar (%) Cutaneous rash (%) Fatal forms Reference
R. conorii, isolates Malish, Moroccan R. conorii, isolate Kenyan tick typhus rickettsia Rhipicephalus sp., Haemaphysalis leachii Mediterranean area, Africa Mediterranean spotted fever, Kenyan tick typhus, South African tick bite fever 100 72 97 Yes [45,46]
Indian tick typhus rickettsia Rhipicephalus sanguineus, Boophilus microplus, Haemaphysalis leachii India, Pakistan Indian tick typhus 100 0 100 No [47]
Astrakhan spotted fever rickettsia Rhipicephalus sanguineus, R. pumilio Astrakhan region, Chad, Kosovo Astrakhan fever 100 23–28 100 No [16-18,31,32]
Israeli tick typhus rickettsia Rhipicephalus sanguineus Israel, Portugal Israeli spotted fever 100 0 100 Yes [48]