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Table 3 RNASeq analysis of gene expression of phage genes in Bp DD503.

From: Genetic and phenotypic diversity in Burkholderia: contributions by prophage and phage-like elements

Gene Annotation Expression value (RPKM)*
phi1026bp03 putative portal protein 3,601
phi1026bp05 putative major capsid protein 4,743
phi1026bp14 putative tail length tape measure protein 1,038
phi1026bp16 hypothetical protein 3,986
phi1026bp27 putative DNA adenine methylase 21,563
phi1026bp28 hypothetical protein 199,000
phi1026bp29 PAAR repeat-containing protein 186,000
phi1026bp30 VRR-NUC domain protein 132,500
phi1026bp31 hypothetical protein 77,624
phi1026bp32 hypothetical protein 8,751
phi1026bp33 hypothetical protein 17,084
phi1026bp34 putative site-specific integrase 5,746
phi1026bp36 hypothetical protein 23,220
phi1026bp37 hypothetical protein 80,994
phi1026bp38 hypothetical protein 16,224
phi1026bp44 hypothetical protein 2,494
phi1026bp48 hypothetical protein 2,501
phi1026bp51 hypothetical protein 26,846
phi1026bp59 putative LysR family transcriptional regulator 18,809
phi1026bp60 putative major facilitator family permease 29,669
phi1026bp61 hypothetical protein 33,472
phi1026bp62 hypothetical protein 46,783
phi1026bp63 hypothetical protein 10,273
phi1026bp64 hypothetical protein 219,500
phi1026bp65 hypothetical protein 220,000
phi1026bp78 hypothetical protein 4,184
phi1026bp79** putative transcriptional regulator 59,976
phi1026bp81 XRE familiy putative transcriptional regulator 53,561
phi1026bp82 addiction module toxin, RelE/StbE family 92,307
  1. *Genes in bold belong to morons. Only genes with 10 or more reads are displayed, genes with fewer than 10 reads are considered non-expressed since they are not above noise level. Expression values are measured as reads per kilobase of coding sequence per million reads (RPKM). Number of reads and expression values are from one Illumina run, but are representative of 3 runs.
  2. **Candidate phage repressor.