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Table 2 Morons identified among phages and PI in Burkholderia species.

From: Genetic and phenotypic diversity in Burkholderia: contributions by prophage and phage-like elements

Predicted Moron Function* Species with closest BLAST hit Phages              
Abortive infection resistance Thiobacillus denitrificans PI-1710b-3              
Addiction module (killer - antidote) Rhodopseudomo-nas palustris ϕK96243 ϕE12-2 GI15 PI-S13-3           
Aromatic compound degradation (2 genes) Sphingomonas wittichii GI3              
Colicin (cvaB) Psedomonas aeruginosa PI-Pasteur-3              
Colicin (ompA) Cupriavidus taiwanensis PI-1710b-3 PI-Pasteur-3             
CW surface anchor 1 Cupriavidus metallidurans PI-Pasteur-2              
CW surface anchor 2 proteophosphoglycan 5 Cupriavidus metallidurans PI-1710b-3 PI-Pasteur-2 PI-Pasteur-3            
HNH motif (DNA endonuclease) Xanthomonas albilineans ϕ644-2 ϕ1026b ϕE125 PI-1710b-2          
ImpA family protein Ralstonia solanacearum PI-1710b-3 PI-Pasteur-3             
PAPS reductase Verminephrobacter eiseniae ϕE125 ϕ644-2 PI-E264-3            
Patatin-like phospholipase (1) Frankia sp. PI-1710b-2              
Patatin-like phospholipase (2) Alteromonas macleodii PI-LB400-1              
Phage growth limitation system (pglY, pglZ) Polaromonas naphthalenivorans PI-E264-1              
Pyocin repressor protein (PrtR) Ralstonia picketti PI-CGD1-2 PI-17616-1             
Pyocin-related (R2_PP-tail formation)(1) Xanthomonas oryzae ϕK96243 PI-17616-4 PI-1655-1 ϕE202 ϕ52237 PI-CGD1-1 PI-264-4 ϕE12-2 GI15 PI-S13-1 PI-S13-3 PI-406E-2 ϕE265 BcepMu
Pyocin-related (R2_PP-tail formation)(2) Azotobacter vinelandii Phage ϕK96243 PI-17616-4 PI-1655-1 ϕE202 ϕ52237 PI-CGD1-1 PI-S13-1 ϕE12-2 GI15 PI-E264-2 PI-S13-3 PI-406E-2   
Pyocin-related (TraC domain) Pseudomonas fluorescens PI-406E-2              
Reverse transcriptase (UG1) Ralstonia eutropha GI3              
Reverse transcriptase (UG3 & 8) Providencia stuartii GI3              
Soluble lytic murein trans glycolase Sideroxydans lithotrophicus ϕE255 BcepMu             
TA system (relE) Beggiatoa sp. PS ϕ1026b ϕE125 ϕ644-2 PI-1710b-2          
TI secretion (tolC) Psedomonas aeruginosa PI-Pasteur-3              
TII secretion (eha) Chromobacterium violaceum ϕE255 BcepMu             
TIII restriction-modification system (2 genes) Aromatoleum aromaticum PI-1710b-3              
Type I restriction-modification system (4 genes) Acidovorax sp. PI-Pasteur-3              
  1. *Morons were identified as described in Methods. Phages listed in each column contain the predicted moron function. Non-Burkholderia species that have the closest protein as identified by BLASTp (E value less than 10-3) are presented.